Meet Mutsa

Once upon a time, I decided to set up a HIV prevention project and work with young people, somewhere in Africa. I wanted it to be educational, but also really creative and lots of fun.

I launched a platform called Meet Mutsa, a wonderful charity, The Butterfly Tree,  let me partner with them and people donated quite a bit of money!

‘Somewhere in Africa’ turned out to be Mukuni,  Zambia. I went out a few times over four years and met some special young people who were really smart, ridiculously funny, willing to learn and wanting to live big lives. Just take a look at their lovely faces below!

Their project was called ‘Catch Me I’m A Butterfly’. They wrote and performed all their songs, plays and poems based on what they’d learned to crowds of students in different villages.

Here’s the blog filled with stories from that space and time.  Go on. Immerse yourself.